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Hey It’s Darius Here!

Thank you for checking out our Manifestation Hero partner’s page.

Probably you know me from your leaderboard or from all the big products leaderboards  🙂

In case you don’t know me…
I’ve been an online marketer for over 10 years now.

In the past few years I have done many affiliate promos thanks to my 4+ Millions tribe.

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Darius Copac – [email protected] Skype: vaduvame


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Headline 1. {First Name}’s Law of Attraction Reading
Headline 2. Your Disguised Enemy?

Hi {name}–

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Headline 1: Your Law of Attraction Reading
Headline 2. you + the universe = what??

Hey {name},

Have you ever wondered if you are doing the right things with the Law of Attraction?

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To your happiness,

Title: please don’t freak

Okay {first name}

Please don’t freak out, but…

Those things you’ve been trying to manifest from the Universe?

It’s been getting the wrong message.

And that’s why it’s been sending you (and is ABOUT to send you) all the wrong things!

But, not to worry.

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Much happiness,

your name

Subject Lines:

(1) push your manifestation button…


Hello {!name_fix},

How is your weekend coming along?

Are you also feeling tired, exhausted, emotional and terribly uncomfortable lately?

I know why…

I’ve been where you are now and I know how it feels… it’s hard to cope with…
your shoulders are heavy… like the world is crushing you under its weight…

But you are not alone anymore…

Listen, there is an easy solution to your problems…

As your reading results told me, your dopamine levels are low…

You might not be aware of the implications of dopamine in the human potential.

This discovery completely revolutionized the world of neuroscience but chances are you never heard about it until now…

The Nobel Prize laureate team of scientists from Sweden who discovered dopamine,
Named it the “evil brain celebrity“…

You might not know this yet but dopamine is your biggest enemy when it comes to manifesting…

But it can also be your biggest ALLY…

Because as you are about to see…

Dopamine has lots of functions in the brain – being involved in everything from regulating movement to the control of attention… motivation, pleasure and determination…

Scientific studies show that people with a high dopamine level are high achievers, happy & positive and find solutions to any problem life throws at them…

The same studies show that dopamine is responsible for blocking you from manifesting your ideal life…

It all boils down to a simple push of a button and 3 minutes of your time…

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Here are some dopamine rich people: Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Oprah Winfrey, Jim Carrey…

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Subject Lines:

You have (1) New Message From The Universe, {!name_fix}


{!name_fix}, tell me if this is your case…

You’ve tried to DECODE life’s meaning…

But the truth is you just can’t seem to BE HAPPY and realize your DREAMS?

Perhaps you’ve even feeling a little disappointed with yourself
and your inability to control your life and destiny…

You feel like no matter what you try it’s simply not going to work…

Recently, I’ve sensed you could use a helping hand…
maybe even a little Science + MAGIC to bring your greatest desires to life.

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To your new HAPPY life, Darius from Manifestation Hero

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Subject Lines:
Ask and Listen — The One-Two Punch of Mind over Matter


Hey {!name_fix},

Ask your heart for your answers, ask for help. Listen to what your heart says is important to you and ask for help then listen for the “Wisdom of WHY”.

Why a person, even yourself, will or will not help you holds a ton of wisdom but not if you don’t listen to it.

Listening vs. Hearing

I can hear the dogs barking and playing outside. When they bark at a stranger at the gate, I listen.

What’s the difference between the way you hear what makes your heart beat and the way you listen to the beating of your heart?

I used to hear complaints as a part of my job, I never listened to them or did anything about them. Had I listened I’d have done something and I’d have been better at my job.

I’d have earned the reputation as someone who gets good things done. I’d have been rewarded for that by my employer and my industry.

All I had to do was listen to complaints as part of my job and I’d have done a better job. What can you imagine that might happen if you were to listen to your heart? What if you followed your heart?

What rewards can you imagine?
Don’t mistake REASONS for RESPONSES.
A Response comes from the heart, it’s emotional (reactions are base responses, avoid them or get used to serving time in jail).

Reasons come from the head and as we can see in the world around us, people can rationalize anything.

Racism, Genocide, Hate and Ignorance, all have rock-solid rationalizations, REASONS why we should: Hate, Kill, Stagnate.

A RESPONSE comes from the heart, it’s instinctual, not intellectual, but we have to learn how to listen for it, and how to act on it. Trusting one’s instincts takes practice.

You have to turn off Politics and Religion, even your Sex Drive, to listen to your heart. You have to reflect what’s right in your heart and in accordance with your values.

A personal value is something that is important to you and quite possibly to no one else on earth. For some people it’s home, family, security, then there’s patriotism, wealth, power (all reflections of security).

Others value their humanity and reflect their values in the way they act with regard to hunger, disease, poverty. Still others value the world, nature, the environment, for others it’s wildlife or even pets.

One may value the simplest elements of existence, health, food, friendship, sunsets.
LISTEN, your heart will tell you what you value above all else.

If you need help materializing your dreams into tangible reality, there is a program I created, and it’s completely based on the Mind-Over-Matter method I invented:


Your friend,


Subject Lines:
it’s not your fault…
the enemy inside yo…
the system, you, mediocrity…



If you’re struggling paycheck to paycheck… or feel trapped under a growing mountain of debt…

It’s not YOUR FAULT!

Starting in the next 24 hours after seeing this video presentation I have prepared for you,
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To your new HAPPY life,

P.S. Life has a way of weighing heavily on our shoulders…
stealing our sense of joy, beauty, and wonder…
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Title: hello, beautiful

“Hello, beautiful soul…


I’m so glad you’re here.

I’ve been waiting for you to arrive.

You may not know this yet…

But today is the most important day of your life.”

This is how the message starts.

I didn’t want to listen to the rest of it without you…because I realized it’s actually meant for your ears, {name}.

It will actually tell you some interesting things about yourself you may not have known…

Including why your message is addressed to “Beautiful Soul”…

Can’t wait for you to hear it 🙂

{Your predestined life awaits here}

To your happiness,
your name


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